The Hidden Paradise

Discover the hidden wonders of the sea on a guided tour, exclusive to X Rector. Our small group size between 4 to 9 guests only ensures you have the best experience. We will train you and guide you to face the challenging routes so you will be able to snorkel in the hidden paradise. Take up the challenge, learn new skills, and experience a hidden paradise. Both experienced and beginners are most welcome.

Inside Rector Cave
Swimming With Sea Turtle
Finding Nemo
Shark Attack Sardines
Forgotten Paradise
Shark Hunt
Friendly & Gentle Greeting
Playing With Fishes
Sea Snake Encounter
Beautiful Creatures
Baby Shark Hunting
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Intensive training (9am to 12pm)

Begin the morning with a compulsory, training session where you learn required skills and safety precautions. We show short videos of the places we will go so you can better understand and prepare for the trip.

After a general overview, we head out to sea for some practical exercises. You will try the snorkeling gear, test your skills, and adapt to the water. For advance snorkeler, you will upgrade your existing skills. The instructor will assess each person’s snorkeling skills and offer feedback. We may shorten the training session depending on the group’s ability. We may also adapt the routes to suit the group’s level. At the end of the session, we will make sure each of you must at least be able to handle some simple situation independently and be able to face some challenges.

Training to face these challenges

Maintaining good body control
Maneuvering thru rocks
Snorkel against strong current
Navigate thru rough water
Aware of overhead obstruction
Paying close attention
Moving thru shallow water
Squeezing thru tight rocks
Facing Violent Waves Calmly
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Rest (12pm to 2pm)

Once training is over, we break for lunch. Guest can order a quick meal from the restaurants nearby. Please note: meals are not included as part of the tour but we provide light snacks and drinking water on tour (please fill your own bottles).

Boat Ride & Snorkel at Sea (2pm to 7pm)

After lunch, we take a 45 minutes boat ride (each way) to the outlying islands where we begin our adventure. We will stop at 3 popular places, and snorkel to the spots that rarely visited by others.

Forgotten Paradise was a renown snorkeling destination over half-century ago but became forgotten; The Heart of Malang Rock. Experience rough & unpredictable currents and pass through the narrow opening to reach those amazing, coral reefs that stretches from the seabed and up the rocks. When you snorkel here, it is like swimming through a half-pipe of coral. Additional harder routes can be added for advance snorkelers which skills are required to squeeze through certain tight rocks or dive underneath rocks (freedive) to pass through the area. If you are lucky enough, you might be able to see the most venomous gentle creature of the sea, Sea Snake. So keep your eyes sharp while exploring into the heart of this paradise.

Hidden Paradise is an island of powdery, white sand and beautiful shallow reefs. It is akin to swimming in an aquarium of marine life and corals up close around you. One of the highlights is swim through the shallow waters (against strong currents) and visit the Rector Cave. This is both a challenge and an opportunity to test your skills. The cave which formed by a formation of rocks is truly magical where the inside can be heaven like but may also can turn into like hell in just minutes depending on how the sea behave. In the right condition, the light ray shine from the sky towards the bottom of the sea can be seen clearly inside the cave which create a spectacular view.

Shark Hunt at Renggis island. The island is very popular for snorkeler/tour operator due to its calm water with varieties of reefs & fishes. It is unknown to most people that this place is also home to predator of the sea; Black Tip Sharks. Often snorkelers will miss these shy creatures (particularly, the large ones) as the water splashes usually will draw them away before they manage to spot them. Follow us and we will take you to experience them up close or from a safe, swimming distance.

Wonder if you suitable?
Which type are you?

Children - She just turning 4
Elderly - She is 70 Years Old
Overcoming Your Phobia
Complete Beginner
Advance Snorkeler
Adventurous Type
Freediver - Lets Rock
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Requirements: must be aged between 6 to 70 years, and be reasonably fit. If you have any requests or special needs, we offer private tours so that the attention, phase & route can be adjusted to your needs.

Swimming With Turtle
Free Fall Dive
The Forgotten Paradise
Snorkel Thru Shallow Reef
Duck Dive
Four Mermaids Playing Around
Can You Spot The Needle Fish?
Making Shape Of Heart
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