General T&C

Please read and understand our Booking policy and General T&C within 24 hours of your reservation.

☛ Almost all our activities are suitable for age between 6 years old -70 years old, however some activities required good strength & stamina.

☛ Guest are required to have a good health condition for intense activity like freediving and hiking. We are not liable for any personal injuries, or any other health issues occurs during the activities.

☛ Guest like children, elderlyhydrophobia and disability will need to be informed to the instructor.

☛ It is strongly recommend the guests to browse through and understand our activities beforehand, as some of the activities need special requirements and some can only be taken on certain dates due to tides and moon phase.

☛ All our activities are subject to availability and weather conditions. In the event of activity that need to be cancelled halfway, no refund will be given.

☛ The room is designed to be mosquito-free environment. There is no gap for the mosquitoes to enter while still maintaining a good ventilation inside the room.

☛ Hence, there is not necessary for the mosquito coil, and you are not allowed to use it in the room. You can incur penalties for non-compliance.

☛ Guests are encouraged to leave the door shut all the time to minimize the chances of mosquitoes slipping into the room, as this is their only way to enter.

☛ X Rector is practising a smoke-free environment in all Minsu premises. Smoking is prohibited in any part of the Minsu premises including rooms, room balcony, playroom and tearoom.

☛ You are only allowed to smoke in the smoking area designated by X Rector.

Failure to comply with this policy shall entitles us to issue a RM500 penalty or to terminate your booking and stay at the X Rector Minsu at our sole discretion and you must leave the Minsu immediately without compensation or reimbursement.

☛ You may not bring the following into X Rector Minsu:

1) Pets
2) Pillows, bed sheets, or other items of bedding

3) Any equipment for heating and/or cooking purposes

☛ X Rector reserves the right to remove and/or confiscate any of the above items found in any room immediately without notice to you and to charge you for any costs incurred for taking such action or for any loss or damage caused to the room, premises or property or to any X Rector guests or third party as a result of your failure to comply with this policy.

☛ X Rector further reserves the right to ask you to leave the Minsu and remove your belongings from the room immediately if we shall, in our sole opinion, deem that you have used the room in an irresponsible manner or in a manner that will compromise the safety of, or cause damage and/or harm to the room, the Minsu premises, the other X Rector guests, our staff or any other persons or the reputation of X Rector, without any compensation and/or any reimbursement to you.

☛ You are liable for any damage howsoever caused to the allocated room(s) or to the Minsu premises or property caused by you or any persons in your party (whether or not staying at the Minsu) during your stay. X Rector reserves the right to issue penalty or retain your credit/debit card details and charge or debit such amounts as it shall in its sole discretion deem fit on the said card(s) to compensate or make good the loss, damage, costs or expenses incurred or suffered by X Rector as a result of the aforesaid. Regardless, X Rector further reserves the right to commence legal proceedings against you without notice.

☛ You are responsible to check the equipment before rental, to take care and return of your rental equipment after use. A penalty will be issued to any lost or damage to the equipment.

☛ It is strongly recommend all guests to purchase travel insurance on their own before holiday in Tioman. Any emergency matter arises, the guest can claim from insurance company.

☛ Guest are also recommended to do their medical check-up beforehand if they planning take some intense activities in X Rector.

☛ We will setup a lost & found item section, however we will not liable for any of the following occurs if found fail to comply with the rules:

1) Any lost/damage of their personal belongings
2) Personal injuries during outdoor activities
3) Personal health issue
4) Missing public transportation such as bus, ferry or flight

X Rector reserves the right to cancel, amend or vary the arrangements and content featured on the X Rector website and/or change, amend, vary or add to these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice. Please check our website regularly for updates to these Terms and Conditions.

If you have more questions, you may visit our FAQ section.