Gear Rental

During your vacation, you may bring your own gear if you feel comfortably using your own gear. But if you don’t have any gear, we still have varieties of gears available for rent. However your are reminded to bring your own wetsuit/thermal protection wear if you plan to bring your children for a snorkeling.

Our snorkeling gear are in excellent condition and comes in both adult and children sizes. We include the standard gear as part of our tour, but extras (such as prescription masks, towels, underwater cameras) will cost more. If you are snorkeling on your own, our gear is available for rent. For prescription mask, please prepare your lens details so that we would be able to prescribe the accurate lens to fit you.

The price list (in Malaysian Ringgits) is:
(1st Day)
(price per day after 1st Day)
Snorkel & Mask RM 10RM 5
Full Face Mask RM 10RM 5
Prescription Mask RM 60RM 30
Life Jacket RM 10RM 5
Soft Rubber Fin RM 10RM 5
Long Fin RM 20RM 10
Underwater Camera RM 60RM 30
Scuba Dive Computer RM 60RM 30
Free Diving Computer RM 60RM 30
Torch Light RM 5RM 5
Underwater Torch Light RM 20RM 20
Water Shoes RM 5RM 5
Beach Towel RM 5RM 5

Please note: All rented gear must be returned and checked before 7:30pm on the day (except for torchlight & water shoes). Returns after 7:30pm will be charged the next day’s rental. Lost or damaged gear will incur costs. If you require assistance, our friendly team are here to help.