Frequently Asked Questions

About Snorkeling

No, but you may shortened the training if you can pass through our assessment easily and follow our instruction. We follow strictly to our practice as there's no room for mistakes. Safety is our concern, so we don't want any incident happen during our outdoor adventure. For your information, surface will cause more problem than under the sea.

No, unless you can complete our assessment easily. On the contrary, we believe that you will also not allow your student to do the same thing. As you are not familiar with this place, the current and waves may behave differently from your expectation.

Of course you can. To snorkel, swimming skill is not necessary but at least you need to be comfortable in the water. Swimming and snorkeling are completely 2 different things. People can swim doesn't mean they can snorkel. On the other hand, people can snorkel doesn't mean they can swim as well. However, learning snorkeling is a lot easier than you think and it will also indirectly help you to learn swimming.

Definitely can, as long as you keen to learn. It is all begin with yourself. With the proper guide, we had helped a number of people to overcome their aqua phobia, and to get rid their bad experience. Once you overcome it, you will find the joy to stay in the water.

We focus on everyone and that's including you. No need to worry about your child, instead worry about yourself. If you are busy looking after your child during the training, you will missed some important points, and also your children will not be able to focus. This not only will not help, but it may end up increase the risks to both of you.

Ladies may be worried about shark attacks, bleeding underwater, and other considerations when snorkeling while menstruating, but may be hesitant to ask for advice. So ladies, do not be afraid, it is not because you have your period that shark will come and turn you around. Do as usual, protect yourself with a tampon, a towel or a menstrual cup, and jump into the water without any fear.

The idea that sharks or school of fish are attracted by blood scared a lot of people. Truth or lies?
Contrary to common belief, sharks are not attracted by human blood at all, only by fish blood which are part of their food chain and this this was proven by a scientific experiment.

Yes, you are welcome to join the boat. You just need to pay for the boat ride fee which is RM150/person. Equipment are not included. Please take note that if you just stay on the boat for a long period, you may get seasick easily. You may snorkel yourself around the boat but at your own risk.
Important note!!! You are not allowed to follow snorkeling together, as that would put an unnecessary added burden on the instructor to look after untrained snorkeler. This will compromise the safety and cause danger to others. If the similar case happen, you will be charged a penalty of RM500 on top of your boat ride fee. If you wish to join, you need to join from the start of the training.

As long as you keen to learn, you have nothing to lose. Although you had being taught many times, but possibly you may being taught wrongly. Keep in mind that certain way that works for others may not always works for you. If you never give up, we will not give up on you. Eventually you will find one way out and you will be grateful that you have never gave up when you look back.

We do not have the rate for children. We need you to understand that this is not similar to buffet, where children eat less pay less. In contrary, children or elderly need more attention than the others during snorkeling as they tend to draw danger when they face situation. We can guide the children as young as 6 years old and elderly as old as 70 years old for our adventure snorkeling. However it will still up to you to judge whether your children is suitable to take up our activity or not (able to listen to instruction).

Yes, you can book for the snorkeling only (non package) if you already have the place to stay in Tioman. You are advised to stay in Kampung Genting as our snorkeling center is located here. If you plan to stay in other village, you will need to take your own sea taxi and reach our center before 9AM. For return, you may take your own sea taxi or opt for our drop off (charges apply). If you interested to join our exclusive snorkeling, you may contact us to check for availability.

Price – RM300/Person
Advance booking – Earliest 1 week before trip, Latest 1 Day before trip
Meet up – X Rector Center
Start Time– 9 AM
End Time – 7 PM
Available Drop Off Point – Paya, Japamala
Drop Off Charges – RM 50 / Person

About Minsu

We do no have jungle view or sea view or sunlight entering the room. To maximize the comfort of the rooms, an indoor corridor has been enclosed to prevent bugs, ants, mosquitoes, sand and dust.

Earlier check in is not possible, our check in time is after 2PM. After the guest check out, we need several hours to clean the room thoroughly before the next guest occupy the room. We need to ensure the room is in the best condition before we pass it to you. While you waiting for check in, we have a place for you to relax and store your luggage.

Late check out is not possible, our check out time is morning before 10AM. After you have check out, we need several hours to clean the room thoroughly before the next guest occupy the room. We need to ensure the room is in the best condition before we pass it to the next guest. While you waiting for your ferry, we have a place for you to relax and store your luggage.

No, we do not provide room cleaning. You can access the cleaning tools for self service. However one thing we can assure you; You will get the cleanest room from us (dust free, sand free) compare to all of the rooms that you can find in Tioman. The rest is depends on how you upkeep the cleanliness during your stay with us. Treat the place just like your home and we all will stay together like a family.

The rooms are connected side by side so we must respect each other. Although the room has soundproofing materials installed inside the wall, it cannot block 100% of the sound especially the vibration from the wood. You can listen to people walking, however your privacy is still maintain as long as you not talk out loudly. So for those who watch DVD please lower the volume, and for those who has children please look after the children. If you still need to have fun after 10PM, you can use our entertainment room and activity deck which open 24 hours as long as you keep the place tidy after use.

If you have any questions which is not listed in above FAQ, please contact us.