Discover Genting Village

X Rector is located in Genting on the south-west side of Tioman Island – usually the first stop if taking the bluewater ferry from Mersing or Tanjung Gemok. The appeal of this place includes its quiet, local charm; its long stretch of curving beach; and its low population (about 150 people). There are no cars, no commercialism, and no large buildings. Those looking for an escape to relax and unwind will find this place ideal. It is a true village experience with less tourist in it.

If you need medical treatment, there is a health clinic in Genting. For serious matters, the nearest hospital is in Tetek. In case of emergency, there are daily ferries to and from the island (except during the monsoon season).

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Please note: There are no ATMs in Genting. The closest ATM is in Tekek (the ‘capital’ of Tioman Island), which is about 30 minutes by ferry. Please prepare some cash to spend in the village.