Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Tioman is between March and November. If you are planning to travel during Singapore and Malaysia holidays, we recommend you to book at least 2-3 months in advance to secure your ferry seat.

If you are looking for a sweet moment, we highly recommend visiting the island from April to May or September to October as it falls right after and before the transition period. Generally, the sea is calmest at this time, which means the waters are clear and snorkeling is best.

Good Visibility
Calm Inside Rector Cave
Mirror Sea
Clear Rainbow
Turquoise Sea
Before Sunset
Shooting Stars
Transparent Sea From The Boat
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Transition Period
The wind gradually slowing down and keep changing its direction back & forth for several weeks before it reach a stable state. Between each cycle, the wind will stop blowing for a short period, generally few days. The waves resting down causing the surface flat and sometimes it reflect lights like a mirror.

During the monsoon season (December to February), the ferry may cancel due to the weather. No sea activities will be available. Most guesthouses and restaurants are closed. Some remain open to serve the trickle of tourists that come. If you are seeking to experience the peaceful & relaxing village life, this might be the best time. Villagers, working staffs usually leaving for their holiday and less tourists are coming to the island. Imagine how peaceful it is where people who occupy the whole village is countable easily.