Things to Do in Genting

House Reef Snorkeling

Genting village has one of the longest reefs in Tioman Island that is great for advanced snorkeler as the currents are quite strong and wearing flippers are a must. The reef along the shoreline is beautiful and waiting to be discovered. During low tide, there is only one entry/exit point. If you drifted to far away, you need to swim hard against the current back to the exit point. Our snorkeling tour explores a part of this reef during our training session but for the rest of the reef, it is great to discover on your own. If you enjoy snorkeling a lot, you can snorkel here for the whole day. It makes you feel like you’re snorkeling in your own private reefs.

Jungle Trekking

While snorkeling is a must, there is an abundance of beauty on land. We highly recommend the trek from Genting to Paya (the next village) for its amazing view of the hills on one side, and the sea on the other. The trek takes about 45-60 minutes each way, and is only possible during the day. You need to plan your time so you can return before dark. After 6PM, it is hard to see the path. You may trek one way, and take the ferry / sea taxi back ( or vice versa). If you have spare time at Paya village, you can visit Rock Fall (15 mins from Paya) and Mother Willow (40 mins from Paya).

Soak in Natural Swimming Pool (Sea)

Uniquely, the shoreline at Genting beach is flat for up to 100m before it slopes down. At the right tide condition (low tide but not too low), you can walk from the beach to the middle of the sea where the seawater is at your waistline. If you go further and deeper, you can also learn your freedive skills there. There is a large area, about the size of football field with only sand at your feet (no rocks) and you can soak for hours before the tide returns. We call it a natural swimming pool. If the tide is low in the evening, this is the best spot to watch the sunset.

Inter-tidal walk (night)

The beach along Genting is dotted by rocks and boulders that show up during extreme low tide, and this is the only unique place that is easily accessible from the village. Among those rocks there are hidden treasures. These sea creatures like crab and prawn that hide during the day will come out at night for food. They can be easily spotted during inter-tidal as the water level is extremely low. You may need a torch light and water shoes during the inter-tidal walk as the rocks are sharp and slippery. If you have sharp eyed ability, you will be able to spot octopuses and cat eye sharks.

Stargazing (night)

Tioman island is located in the middle of the sea. When the night is clear, it is an ideal place to see the stars. Genting itself has minimal light pollution and there are many great spots to see the starry night. The best time is after midnight, or when there is no moon but a clear sky. You have to study the moon phase to know exactly when. As the sky turn darker, spectacular night sky lit up slowly with billion of stars. When the Milky Way Galaxy shows up, you’ll be speechless at the vastness of the universe.

Visit Kelamin Cave

The cave is about 15 minutes walk along the beach from the guesthouse. It is only accessible through the beach during low tide. The cave is actually a tunnel formed by two boulders. Locals believe that if two people in love walk through the cave together, they will be blessed and tied forever. How sweet is that sound? Why don’t you give it a try yourself?


If you have time, other activities you can do include:

➼ Scuba Diving
➼ Kayaking
➼ Cycling
➼ Body Massage
➼ Visit other villages (Sea Taxi)
➼ Visit waterfall (Charter boat)
➼ Visit twin peaks/dragon horn (Charter boat)